Merry and Bright

Hello my lovelies, and happy holidays! We are feeling the holiday spirit all around my home and at the SeneGence office, with Christmas being less than a week away. Last week, SeneGence hosted its holiday open house party, and it was a real joy to see some familiar Distributor faces and share warm wishes for the holiday. We also hosted guests from the EliHome, which is an organization here in OrangeCounty that gives assistance to women and children in need. Our employees and Distributors graciously brought in new toys to donate to the organization, and the Make Sense Foundation presented a check to the EliHome. Thank you so much to those who made a contribution. I love that SeneGence is full of compassionate and caring Distributors and employees. I hope that our donation helps make the holiday a lot brighter for many children this year. Here I am with our guests from the EliHome, presenting a donation to them:

ImageAnd here I am with the Make Sense Foundation board, L to R: Michael Moad, Ben Kante, Melida Altman, Carmen Holladay, and Linda Bailey.

ImageThen it was on to weekend activities! Over the weekend, William had so much fun at a friend’s birthday party. He thought this big chair at the party was especially cool:


 …and so did Dad!


On Friday and Saturday, Ben and I spent time at William’s school enjoying holiday activities and watching the school Christmas concert. We each had a proud parent moment watching our little one perform in front of a crowd. We were sure to capture the memories so we can appreciate this time, when William’s all grown up.

Image William and his classmates performed a “Christmas rap”, which was adorable. Look at his best game face! Too cute…


It was a wonderful weekend of family time and Christmas festivities. I am very much reminded of the real reason for the season, which is not to get caught up with presents and parties, but to spend time with your family and friends, making new memories. I hope that you and your loved ones are able to make some great new memories this Christmas. With a career as a SeneGence Distributor, you will be able to ensure you have time to enjoy the company of your friends and family. If you know someone who would appreciate this aspect of our career, share the opportunity with them 🙂

I wish you and yours the merriest, brightest Christmas. As always, choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

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