SeneGence Vegas Round Up!

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of working a SeneGence booth at the Cowboy Christmas Show during the Las Vegas Rodeo with Distributors, Crown Princess Sheila Young and Queen Jeri Taylor-Swade. The Las Vegas Rodeo, or National Finals Rodeo (NFR), is the premier rodeo event of the entire United States, with millions of people attending it each year. It was an incredibly productive trip, as we were able to share SeneGence with hundreds of people. Of course, SeneGence products were a huge hit and people were excited to try LipSense and see that it just doesn’t budge. And, I was able to meet many new people from across the U.S., including a few from my home state, Oklahoma! Since I grew up on my family’s farm in Oklahoma, it was great reminiscing about riding horses and feeding the cows with them. Here I am with a few of my new friends and fellow Okies:


After the show, Sheila surprised me with tickets to the Shania Twain concert! It was a very well produced, entertaining, and wholesome show. I had so much fun.


And, when mom’s away…the boys will play! While I was in Las Vegas, Ben took William to a birthday party that had a golf theme. William had a great time pitching, driving, and putting.


Then the two of them went to the mall (perhaps to prepare for Christmas? J). While they were there, my sweet guys were thinking of me and took time to craft some cute boxes for mommy.


It was wonderful being able to meet and make connections with people from all over the country this past weekend. As a SeneGence Distributor, you not only have the opportunity to share products that really work, but you can gain new friends and create new contacts with people who you might not have had the chance to meet otherwise. Many SeneGence Distributors have made life-long friends through this career, as I have. The SeneGence career provides many financial and professional opportunities, but something not as often shared is the opportunity to be a part of a strong, ever growing base of friends who are always willing and happy to help each other. It’s rare to find a career in which your co-workers want to see you grow and thrive, and are not only interested in their own advancement. If you join SeneGence, you will be a part of a group of strong women who help each other learn and grow. Within the company, we call these friends SeneSisters, and once you join the SeneGence family, you are welcomed into the SeneSisterhood with open arms. We are all choosing to live life in love and abundance…and willing to work for it; join us in our journey!

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