Army Pink LipSense Launch

Last Tuesday, I traveled up to Los Angeles with some of my Marketing and PR team members to attend and participate in the launch of SeneGence’s gorgeous new LipSense shade, Army Pink! The event was hosted by Army pink and emceed by the Twilight Saga’s Boo Boo Stewart and his sister, actress Fivel Stewart. A portion of the proceeds from this new color will initially go to The American Red Cross to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. It was a fun night centered around helping charitable causes and celebrating Army Pink’s and SeneGence’s wonderful partnership. Independent Distributor and Princess, Renee Stewart, was there to give gorgeous SeneBlends makeovers!


 Here I am with Army Pink’s Ron Roecker:

ImageBoo Boo and his sister Fivel did a fantastic job representing Army Pink. It’s wonderful to see young people that have a passion for helping others and making the world a better place. These two are as gorgeous, smart, and hardworking as their mother, Renee!

ImageAfter the event, we went to Pink’s famous hot dog stand and enjoyed some gourmet hot dogs. I ordered the “Martha Stewart”, which had tomatoes, bacon, sauerkraut, and relish; it was quite the culinary masterpiece! Here I am with Marketing and PR Coordinator, Michelle Gibellino:

ImageOne of my goals when I first founded SeneGence was to use the company as a vehicle to give back in any way I could. This remains one of my main goals to this day. I am proud to say that SeneGence has been successful in its endeavors to help those in need. Our sister foundation, The Make Sense Foundation, is a non-profit organization that gives to woman and children in crisis. Since its inception in 2002, the Make Sense Foundation has been able to help countless women and children, largely thanks to the efforts and involvement of all of our Independent Distributors. Did you know, that with every new Distributor that signs up with SeneGence, a $5 donation is made to the Make Sense Foundation, and with every bottle of incredible MakeSense Foundation liquid makeup sold, a portion of the sale goes to this charitable cause? Giving back is so near and dear to the mission of SeneGence, which is why we offer products that not only work, but that benefit the greater good. For example, our Kiss For a Cause LipSense had great success in raising money for the American Breast Cancer Foundation, and we project that our Army Pink LipSense will be just as successful in raising money for The American Red Cross. Hurricane Sandy did so much damage, leaving many without the necessities that most of us take for granted. It is my hope that the sale of Army Pink LipSense will do much good in helping these people get back on their feet. Thank you for supporting these causes.

As a SeneGence Distributor, you have the opportunity to represent a company with moral integrity. As I shared, charitable giving is a cornerstone of SeneGence’s foundation. If you are a Distributor or are considering becoming one, you can be sure that you are, or will be, a representative of a company that has a heart, a conscience, and compassion. Choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!


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