Happy Thanksgiving!

This week, my little guy, William, is out of school for Thanksgiving holiday break and ready to play and spend time with family! He enjoyed a playdate with several friends on Monday, consisting of making Thanksgiving crafts and running and climbing in our backyard. Here are the kids, having a great time on their week off.




This week, I am thankful that I can spend time with my family and have a successful career at the same time. I don’t believe that in order to be financially and professionally successful, you need to give up your social life or sacrifice your relationships with family and friends. This is the season to be with the ones we love and celebrate our successes and accomplishments together. A career as a SeneGence Independent Distributor offers everyone the opportunity to be professionally fulfilled, financially provide for their family, and still have time to be there for the special moments in life. As we celebrate the holidays, let’s take time to count our blessings and think about others who could appreciate the many freedoms this career allows.

If you know someone who is searching for an opportunity such as this, offer them the SeneGence choice! This time of year of course includes abundance and indulging in material luxuries, but it is more about the precious time we share with our loved ones. I wish you a very happy and heartfelt Thanksgiving. Enjoy celebrating your blessings with family and friends!

Choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

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