Love for My Leaders!


This past weekend I was able to spend quality time with my lovely and talented SeneGence Field Leaders at Leaders Retreat 2012 in Lake Arrowhead, CA. It was a wonderful event filled with learning, sharing, growing, and having fun.  The setting was absolutely gorgeous!


We kicked off the retreat with etiquette training presented by the Jonnie Fox Flanagan of the Magnolia School of Etiquette and Protocol. We learned a variety of etiquette practices, from boating to fine dining to business meetings! I think we should always be looking for ways to improve our professionalism, and training with Jonnie was a huge success. Here’s Sandra Grace, Leta Greene, Jonnie Fox Flanagan, Kelly Robertson, and Kaylen Young, looking gorgeous!


We enjoyed a relaxing boat cruise on serene LakeArrowhead, where we were able to catch up with each other while learning about the beautiful environmental surroundings. We saw incredible lake homes and beaches.


We incorporated into training many activities for our Leaders that enriched their knowledge and leadership skills. Here is a team building exercise, in which each team had to work together to put together an adorable girls’ bicycle. It took communication, listening, and working together to be successful!


When each of the bikes were completed, they were given to several underprivileged deserving little girls who lived in the area who were just thrilled with their new pretty pink bikes. The winning girls were local students who wrote and presented impressive essays on leadership. It was quite amazing to learn a powerful lesson from the youth.


We had many outstanding speakers there to share knowledge throughout the weekend. Here is Sandra Grace, speaking about Success Principles:


Now, with all that learning, we didn’t forget to have fun! These Leaders know how to have a good time! Each enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and getting to know new ones on a deeper level.

We also announced the winners of the 2nd Quarter Make it Mine Contest, Lisa Johnson and Sheila Young! These Distributors, through their sponsoring efforts, won the chance to create and name their very own custom shade of LipSense long-lasting liquid lip color. This amazing opportunity is something every Distributor can strive for each quarter. Imagine being able to offer a shade you designed and named to your customers, how great would that be? Here are the lovely winners:


SeneGence Distributors have a chance to win again this quarter!

At our “Come as you will be in 2017” Dinner, I got to see my Leaders’ dreams and where they want to be in five years. I know they will achieve their goals, as they have chosen to live life in love and abundance, and work for it with a SeneGence career that really works. Left to right, here is Dawn Christian, Cathy Hoolihan, myself, Kirsten Aguilar, Cheryl Joyce, Leta Greene and Priscilla Markham.


In addition to the quality time spent with  Leaders, I enjoyed the beautiful setting with my family. Here is son William and his dog Looper, sitting on the edge of the dock hoping to catch some fish from the lake 🙂


Our Leaders Retreat was a fantastic event. Attending Distributors were able to grow and learn in a relaxing and supportive setting, and managed to have lots of fun in the process! Attending Leaders Retreat and many other fantastic SeneGence trips are some of the things you can look forward to when you join SeneGence. With a SeneGence career, there are many achievable opportunities and rewards you can work towards acheiving, all the while growing your business and still having time to be a good wife, mother, and friend. Join us next year in Palm Springs for another informative fun and educational Leaders Conference next October!

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