Fun Family Project Weekend

This past weekend was full of fun and creative family home improvement activities! It all started when I asked my youngest son, William, to help me paint some shelves in the garage. He was more than happy to help…

ImageAfter we finished painting those, we moved on to painting a bird house to hang in the backyard. William is very creative and thoroughly enjoyed being able to work with his paintbrush and make the bird house beautiful to hang in the “bird city” we have going on in the backyard.

ImageFinally, after all that painting, there was nothing left for him to paint so we decided to bake Halloween sugar cookies. He had a ball stamping out fun shapes like bats and haunted houses for Halloween, and almost as much fun enjoying some of those treats after they were baked!


It was a fun and productive weekend with my family; working together to create things is a great bonding experience.

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