Southern Adventures with the Bayou Beauty Queens

Hey y’all! Last week I had the pleasure of traveling down south to Louisiana for a fantastic New Distributor Training and Glam & Gloss hosted by Independent Distributor, Duchess Lisa Johnson. A great time was had by all, learning, sharing, and laughing together. There was a fabulous turn out- just look at this room full of “Bayou Beauty Queens”, as they are affectionately known, ready to gain and share knowledge about SeneGence products and a career that really works. Lisa is on the right, engaging with her southern beauties.

ImageWe had a delightful lunch during Saturday’s training, which was made that much more special by the addition of this incredible cake, topped with a glittering crown fit for royalty!

ImageThe event was a huge success, and everyone learned a lot of great information about SenseCosmetics product application and techniques. I also was able to have some fantastic southern experiences while in Louisiana. One night we went out to eat, and guess what was on the menu? Alligator! It was a slightly intimidating but delicious culinary experience.

ImageMy next adventure came after the training, when one of Lisa Johnson’s sons took me out on a combine while reaping crops on her plantation. It was amazing being able to ride on that powerful and giant machine!


ImageI had a wonderful time in Louisiana with the gracious Bayou Beauty Queens team, who have grown to an astonishing number of almost 130! Lisa and her team’s success is proof of how wonderful an opportunity the SeneGence Career is. By choosing a fulfilling SeneGence Career, you are choosing to be successful, both financially and professionally, while having the freedom and time to take care of the things that may be important to you, such as your family and friends. Share this incredible opportunity with everyone you know, and continue to live life in love and abundance!

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