We Don’t Have to Leave Home to be in a Global State of Mind

Hello everyone! This week, I am in a global state of mind. As I prepare to officially launch LipSense in yet another country, I am reminded of all the ways in which we can be touched by and touch others living in different areas of the globe, without leaving home.  We have  made so many wonderful connections through SeneGence with people all over the world, even when We are still here in the United States. From the beginning SeneGence has provided opportunities on so many levels to constantly live in a global state of mind. For instance, we have employees on staff that represent 8 countries from around the world. And here is a darling picture of our little princess Dyrensia, William’s friend from around the world, who is the lovely daughter of Dicky and Irene, head of LipSense Indonesia. She is wearing the princess dress that Ben enclosed for her in the Indonesian SeneGence shipment. Wouldn’t it just be fun to watch unfold if Ben had a little girl? He would constantly spoil her with princess wares and treats!
​Little Dyrensia is coming to visit us for a couple of weeks over Christmas this year. It’s so nice to ​make global connections and be able to communicate with friends across the world, all while you ​ (we) contribute to the welfare of families around the globe.
​Of course I love to travel, and share SeneGence products and a career that really works with ​women and men all over the world, but I still do miss certain things when I leave. My sons, Alan ​and William, are at the top of that list; it’s hard to leave my boys. And then there are the little things, like my fresh ​flowers and tea next to my bed every night. My gorgeous teapot is from an Italian Monastery ​in the mountains, and my beautiful flowers are hand-picked for me by our Chilean House Manager-just more ways I am reminded everyday of this world’s wonderful global variety!
​Even when we are relaxing in our own homes, it’s amazing to think of all the ways we are
touched by global influences around the world.
​On that note, I am so excited as I prepare to leave for Sao Paulo, where Ben, Queen Jeri Taylor-​Swade, Lady Pamela Bennet and I will officially launch LipSense Brazil!
Here is a photo of Jeri and Pamela meeting up in Houston before they head
​to Brazil.

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