A Fantastic Beginning to Brazil

The Brazilian LipSense launch is off to a phenomenal start! We are so excited to introduce LipSense Long-Lasting Lip Color to all of the beautiful women here (and beauty is everywhere in this country!). It has truly been a pleasure working hand-in-hand with Queen Jeri Taylor-Swade and Lady Pamela Bennet, showing off LipSense’s amazing staying power. Here is a picture of the ladies on the way to day one of the LipSense launch.


We are so excited to have welcomed several new Brazilian Distributors (in fact we signed up 4 newbies in our first 2 hours!) Here is the very first Brazilian Distributor, Anna, who is shown facing the camera next to Pamela.


Brazilian women love LipSense (what woman wouldn’t!) for its water-proof, budge-proof, smudge-proof, and anti-aging benefits. Here is a picture of Jeri having a blast sharing LipSense with Brazilian Customers.


We can already tell that our Brazilian Distributors will be successful in their SeneGence Careers. Here is Brazilian Distributor Anna, already signing new Distributors! 



We are thrilled with the LipSense launch so far, stay tuned for more Brazilian adventures!



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