There’s No Place Like Home

AH! …Blissful home. No grand adventures this week, no Iconic Leader meetings or Presidential encounters. Just Ben and I, my sons, and our regular household loved ones. Life is good.

Both Alan and William began summer school this week, Alan in college, and William kindergarten (Already! Tears….). I was surprised to see my little one looking so grown up in his new uniform. As you can see by his curly locks we go through lots of SeneStyle Detangler at our house.  I can’t comb through his hair in the mornings without it.

But of course, we must always soak up as much play time as possible. William has a blast splashing around in the water out in the backyard.

“Little”, as I like to call him, also participates in Taekwondo. He loves to show his big brother the new moves he’s learned when he comes home.

Once William has been tucked in and falls asleep, the older people in the house gather ‘round. After I finished a nightly routine of cleansing my makeup off with a layer of SeneDerm Body Butter (yes – that’s right) with a steamy white wash cloth (try it for immediate removal of color and an injection of moisture to help ward off wrinkles – it really works!) and then dowsing my skin with 12 skirts of Climate Control for face and throat, a full stopper full of SeneSerum-C (half squirted onto each cheek) topped with two big scoops of SeneDerm Evening Moisturizer (there is NO WAY my skin will wrinkle due to lack of effort or moisture!), I join them for the remainder of the evening.  Along with niece Cori Brey, who is interning at SeneGence for summer break, Alan and Ben play extreme chess. Yes, life is good.

We Moms are so blessed in SeneGence, aren’t we? Our SeneGence careers can take us to many wondrous places, and it can let us work at home as well, both opportunities I (and I am sure you too) am very grateful for.  I love traveling all around the world meeting, planning, helping, enriching the lives of others, but to me the best part of this journey is coming home, being with family and spending precious hours and days as 100% mommy to my sons and wife to my husband.  Yes, life indeed is good.

It’s also great getting back to work at SeneGence corporate headquarters, developing new programs and products that really work to support and excite our Distributors in their SeneGence businesses. The team and I are currently working to prepare for upcoming events. I look forward to seeing you at Sene-U next Saturday July 7th and then at PIT on July 13th & 14th!

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