Two New Sene-Babies Coming Soon!

Last week we threw a baby shower for two special mothers-to-be, Michelle Gibellino, our Marketing & PR Coordinator, who is expecting a baby boy due July 16th and Anne Maltes, our Video Editor, who is expecting a little girl due September 1st.

At SeneGence, we are no stranger to adorable little babies. In the past 13 years, I’ve had the pleasure of watching some of our Distributors’ and employees’ children grow up right before my eyes! We’ve had four “Sene- marriages,” (individuals meeting one another here while working) of which all have also had children from their unions. Our Marketing Manager, Kirsten Aguilar, has given birth to two precious children over the past two years – her son Maxson now 26 months, and daughter Finley, 6 months. And of course, I’ve had the immense pleasure of raising my two sons Alan age 24 and William, age 4, all while building SeneGence.

As a working mother myself, I’m proud to run a company that offers a work-life balance to women. Our Distributors are able to create their own schedules around their priorities and our employees enjoy a supportive, family-friendly environment where children are celebrated. One minute we’ll be planning a new product launch, promotion, or event and the next we’ll take a break and re-energize by swapping stories about our children, sharing advice and more. It helps keep everything in perspective and help us relate to potential new SeneGence Distributors. We know what women want; careers that they can succeed in, while also being able to be good wives and mothers.

And with that I’d love to share some pictures from our special company baby shower brunch. The husbands and father’s-to-be were also invited to share in the celebration.

2 thoughts on “Two New Sene-Babies Coming Soon!

    1. Hi Paula,

      Thanks for your suggestion. At this time, there are no plans to come out with a line of baby care products, but possibly in the future! For stretch marks, belly lines and itching, we recommend using the Shea Butter Body Cream regularly.

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