And the award goes to … LipSense!

Celebrity guests at the Legacy Lounge Pre-Oscar Gifting Suite got to experience LipSense’s long-lasting staying power thanks to SeneGence Independent Distributor Renee Stewart.


Among the starlets that were treated to lip-makeovers and took home their own complimentary LipSense Collections in their shade of choice, were:

Candice Cameron Bure of the TV Show Full House



Jillian Clare from the movie Spider-Man



Jessica Kiper from Survivor



Twink Caplan from Clueless



Sasha Pieterse from Pretty Little Liars



and more!


3 thoughts on “And the award goes to … LipSense!

  1. Dear Joni: I have been a loyal distributor since 2000. I love our products. Recently, I have had to deal with 6 very loyal, but now disgruntled customers due to the lact of Smoke and Sable Eye Sense. I have repeatedly called Customer Service to inquire about when or even if these two liners will be out, and keep being told “soon”. This has been going on for close to 6 months. Is there an answer? Are we going to be able to offer them again? I have already reached out to my upline and other distributors – they are tapped out also!
    Thank you for taking the time to look into this and respond.
    Sincerely, Natalie Salazar, #15685

    1. Hi Natalie, we are sorry to hear about your experience with the new formula. Rest assured we are bringing back the old formula and it will hopefully be available by the end of the summer. Thank you for your patience.

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