Pole 2 Pole

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and at this time of year, I like to reflect on all that I’m thankful for. One thing I’m grateful for is the great Planet Earth and all its beautiful people and places. In order to preserve our planet for our children and future generations, we need to be proactive about protecting it. 

At SeneGence we try to make a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize environmental waste wherever possible. To that end we do not use individual product box packaging (it just gets thrown away), we also use lighting motion controls throughout our corporate office and we try to computerize as many aspects of the business as possible to eliminate paper waste.

While I feel good about the steps we’ve taken toward protecting our environment, I feel compelled to share the story of Johan Neilson, a trailblazer (literally and figuratively) and one of my husband Ben’s friends, who is currently on an expedition from the North Pole to the South Pole in an effort to raise awareness about Global Warming. He and his team are using the most climate-neutral means of transportation possible including skis, kites, dogsled, solar power, bikes and a sailboat to travel between the two poles.  

One of his team members, Martyn, has joined the expedition  in Guatemala for the bicycle journey through Central and South America.

Check out Johan’s blog to hear more about the incredible expedition:


What are you doing to help protect the planet? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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