Sharing LipSense Abroad

As part of our current international expansion initiatives, Ben and I traveled to the UK to launch LipSense in Scotland and to attend a beauty tradeshow in London.

Scotland was beautiful, especially the Edinburgh Castle.


Here’s the first Distributor in Scotland, Angela Balston and I.


While in Scotland, Ben wanted to check out the world’s largest collection of scotch located in Edinburgh on the way to London. He enjoyed learning and sampling. I had a sip but it felt like my lips were burning off! Sure enough LipSense did not budge but I can’t personally recommend the Scotch.


While in London we attended the Olympia Beauty Tradeshow where our broker in London was exhibiting. The events  in the UK were very successful with lots of new Distributors excited to wear and sell LipSense long lasting lip color.


As you can see many women were WOW-ed by LipSense and flocked to the booth throughout the event.

Here are some gorgeous new Distributors in the UK.

Next stop is Italy, stay tuned to hear about our travels to Venice in my next post. Ciao bella!

2 thoughts on “Sharing LipSense Abroad

    1. Hi Joah,

      Thank you for your inquiry. We are a network marketing cosmetics and skincare company based in Irvine, CA, our products are sold through a network of Independent Distributors around the world. If you have a specific country outside of the US that you would like to see LipSense expand to or, if you have contacts in other countries that you think may be interested, please email

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