Keeping Up With the Kantes

The month of August seems to be flying by! Since my last post we’ve celebrated our youngest son William’s 4th birthday with a fabulous “Cars” themed party at our house.

 We also recently flew out to Florida so that I could speak at a local Glam & Gloss event there hosted by one of our beloved Distributors, Pamela Bennett of Vero Beach. A Glam & Gloss is a glamour and beauty training event featuring SeneDerm SkinCare and SenseCosmetics, which is our line of waterproof/water resistant makeup that does double duty and not only beautifies skin temporarily, but it actually improves the skin with our exclusive anti-aging SenePlex Complex.

The Glam & Gloss events are held all over the country throughout the year and we encourage our Distributors to bring friends and family who are interested in the art of skincare and makeup or a work from home direct selling career opportunity. The Florida Glam & Gloss was a success. If you’re interested in learning more about Glam & Gloss events in a city near you, click here to email us.

 Ben and Jim Bennett golfed while Pamela and I conducted the Glam & Gloss. Meanwhile back home in California, Alan and William spent quality brother time together at the beach and William enjoyed playing in the sand.

When we returned home we decided to spend some family time together and play some golf. Here’s us playing Par 3 chip and putt.

And of course, we have been busy working on some great surprises for our Distributors at the upcoming Leaders Conference in October as well as moving my oldest son, Alan, into his new apartment for college. There’s never a dull moment in our family – both the Kantes and the SeneGence clan! Have a fun and productive rest of your summer (and be ready to get back to business this September!).

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