Weekend Recap

So this weekend was packed full of fun.  It started with dinner and a movie, “The Help.”  It’s a must-see movie and a reminder of how important it is to watch your words as they alone change lives.

 Saturday began with a trip to the bowling alley with William, Sheila, and Kay-Kay. Sheila won, William came in second and Kay and I last … beat by a four year old!


The day progressed into golf with Ben while I shopped, gardened, and prepared healthy dishes and placed in the refrigerator to munch on throughout the next few days.

Sunday we had the pleasure of attending Alan’s friend Daniel’s Lime Truck restaurant opening and the premier of the show Gourmet Food Trucks on the Food Network.

Watch it this season … it’s very entertaining and if you’ve been to my house for dinner you’ll recognize the chefs. We are so proud of our boys!

 Pictured from left to right are:

Steve, Leonard, Hyak, Daniel (owner of Lime), and son, Alan.

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