Pampered Sene-Pooches

Recently I received these darling images of Independent Distributor Pamela Bennett’s Pomeranian pets she dubbed “SenePuppies,” and I just had to share. I thought a post dedicated to our four-legged friends was in order … after all LipSense long lasting lip color is perfect for moms of children and pets, as the colors are kiss-proof and won’t rub off on skin or fur! Check out the lips toys in Blu-Red and Kiss Me Katie 😉


Here’s my own Labradoodle  (Labrador Retriever/Standard Poodle) Looper

Here’s SeneGence Marketing & PR Coordinator, Michelle Gibellino’s, own Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel/Toy Poodle)Sydney.

 Do you have an animal that you love? Share their picture on our Facebook page now.!/SeneGence


About SeneGence by Joni

CEO & Founder of SeneGence International, a Direct Sales company know for LipSense long-lasting lip color and a full line of skin care and anti-aging cosmetics. SeneGence is a member of the: Direct Selling Association - Direct Selling Women's Alliance - Connect with SeneGence online:!/SeneGence_Intl
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1 Response to Pampered Sene-Pooches

  1. Eva Vollera says:

    So cute and I don’t have to worry about leaving lip prints on that white coat lol

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