The Wheels on the SeneBus …


Since Ben and I had planned to go to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the annual Cosmoprof industry tradeshow this week, we decided to make a trip out of it and first take the family on a road trip to see some landmarks and famous sites in the surrounding area.

 We began the trip by visiting my Dad, in Arizona, then we went to the Grand Canyon. We rode the SeneBus (read RV) and got to explore some great sites along the historic Route 66. Here’s our sons having lunch at Cruiser’s Cafe 66 in Williams, Arizona.

Of course we couldn’t resist taking a picture of our son William in front of the Williams, Arizona sign. He was so excited to visit a town with his name! The town of Williams is near the Grand Canyon National Park and is a major tourist stop with many restaurants.

The Grand Canyon was absolutely breathtaking and we decided to walk the path of the eagle … 4,000 feet above the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon, there is a see through bridge that looks down through 2.5 inches of crystal-clear glass to the canyon floor below. It was incredible to say the least.

After spending some family time together in Arizona, we went to Las Vegas to attend Cosmoprof as well as a local Glam & Gloss hosted by Queen Distributor Jeri Taylor-Swade and Countess Cathy Hoolihan. It was a nice turnout.

Two things I was very grateful for while visiting  the hot and dry states of Arizona and Nevada, were the SeneDerm SkinCare Collection for Dry Skin along with Climate Control. My skin never felt dry, in fact it was perfectly hydrated the entire trip as all of the products in the Dry SkinCare collection are meant to add essential moisturizers while self-regulating the climate around the skin. They’re definite must haves in these states!

Visit for more information about Climate Control or the SeneDerm Dry SkinCare Collection.

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