4th of July Fun!

The 4th of July is chock-full of family, friends, food, fireworks and fun and it’s also a day to celebrate our nation’s independence. Who doesn’t love 4th of July?!

Over the weekend we went to a couple of waterfront parties in Newport Beach. It was so nice to get out and enjoy the nice weather and the company of beautiful, smart women.

Of Course Tonette, our Manager of Distributor Development and I didn’t miss the chance to WOW all the women at the party and tell them about SeneGence’s incredible long lasting cosmetics that are waterproof and stay on even on the hottest summer day.

Here we are exchanging contact information on the back of paper plates as I ran out of business cards!

Here’s an image of  the next party a few miles down the beach, 5 hours later – and SeneSun SunScreen SPF30 and SenseCosmetics still working without sweating.

Ohh…the wonders of the ocean. Here’s William building sand castles with other children over the weekend during the beach party.


We also hosted a big 4th of July party and BBQ on Monday evening and invited our friends, neighbors and SeneGence employees. It just so happens we can see dozens of firework displays from our backyard in Irvine including the base  of the LA mountains to Long Beach on the left; all the way toSan Bernardino Valleys on the right. It’s a moving experience we simply must share with those in our lives.

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