Giving Back

Last year, after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, SeneGence ran a promotion for our Distributors to be a part of  the Solution in Haiti. For a limited time we donated 20% of the proceeds from the SeneDerm Solutions Collection to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund (who then donated to Root Capital, a non-profit social investment fund) via our Non Profit Make Sense Foundation.


Since receiving the funds, Root Capital has been meeting all Clinton Bush Haiti Fund expectations, and is putting the funds to smart use.

One example is the Cooperation des Cooperatives des Planteurs de Cafe de l’Arrondissement de Belle Anse (COOPCAB). COOPCAB received the first Haitian Root Capital loan of $150,000 to support a cooperative of 4,000 Haitian coffee growers and jumpstart what was once a thriving coffee-export business.

COOPCAB has successfully set up export deals around the world, and thousands of Haitians are now employed in this effort.  We are proud that our contributions have made a difference!

I created the non-profit Make Sense Foundation as part of the overall plan to make a meaningful contribution to people in need. As a non-profit organization it is separate from SeneGence but works closely with our independent Distributors.

Based on the fundamental mission of helping women and children in crisis, the foundation donates directly to deserving organizations. To date, the MSF has donates to dozens of non-profit organizations from coast to coast and will continue to do so for years to come.

To find out how you can make a difference by raising or donating funds to the Make Sense Foundation, click HERE

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