There’s No Place Like Home!

Home, to me is in two places; one where I sleep, garden, cook and play with the boys (Ben, Alan, William and Looper) at my house in Irvine – the other where I create, socialize, stir things up, and brainstorm with the “SeneGized” people at SeneGence.

No matter where I’m at, I always try to give my undivided attention to the people I’m with whether it’s my family or the staff at SeneGence, where we are always  striving to improve upon  our already outstanding network marketing career opportunity, anti-aging skincare and one-of-a-kind long lasting cosmetics.

Ah … to appreciate the moments that make every single day a joy to live, work, and play with those you love make home coming all the more sweeter. Now my pleasure is to get caught up with my girlfriends at lunches during the next few weeks and help Alan move into his college apartment (Note to self: make sure he has plenty of SeneDerm Skin Care, Lotions, and hair products). Oh, goodie – another decorating project!

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