The Power of Video

All of us at the corporate office are constantly seeing and hearing great marketing and promotional strategies that our Distributors do to promote their businesses.

 I recently saw this video that our Queen Distributor, Jeri Taylor-Swade, created during the 2010 Direct Selling Women’s Alliance (DSWA) Conference to share SeneGence cosmetics with others and promote her business.

Videos are a great way to share our unique line of anti-aging skincare and long lasting cosmetics. In fact, YouTube is currently the number two search engine in the world – second only to Google, I believe.  I encourage Distributors to think outside of the box (like Jeri did) and create their own marketing video. I understand the resources to create a similar video can be timely and  expensive, that’s why SeneGence is doing the work for Distributors and creating a Canned Media piece that will serve as a general commercial about our revolutionary product line with an opportunity for every Distributor to purchase it and  personalize it with their contact information so it will be appropriate for their local media and social media channels.

 Distributors, stay tuned to your weekly Sentiments e-blasts for more information about the Canned Media Piece, coming soon.



Because weekends were made for fun!

So this past weekend, on Saturday evening,  Alan and I joined a girlfriend Dahlia at her birthday party in Newport.  It was fun to be there with Alan. And of course, as always I was wearing LipSense long lasting liquid lip color so I did not have to worry about reapplying my lipstick or gloss after dinner. More time to socialize and spend in the company of others!

Here are a couple of pictures from our night out. My boys and I at Dahlia’s party; from left to right:

(Dahlia’s sons Leonard and Danielle Shemtob who just won the Gourmet Food Truck Competition with the Lime Truck), me, Alan, and Cole.


Happy Birthday Dahlia (second from the left)! You are beautiful inside and out!

Playing Catch Up

Since my return, I’ve been spending a lot of time with William and catching up on work projects such as preparation for our upcoming events including PIT (Princess in Training) Stop July 15th – 16th, Leaders Conference October 14th – 15th, and our annual Seminar April 12th – 15th, 2012. We are also working on a new “canned” media piece for Distributors to use as a commerical about SeneGence’s revolutionary long lasting cosmetics, anti-aging skincare and Independent Distributor career opportunity.

While catching up with William, we decided to take a trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.  We loved all of the sea life we saw that day and I just thought this picture of William trying to touch a sea lion as it passed by the window, was so enchanting, and tranquil.

My tranquility didn’t last too long though. On the way home we stopped to fill up the gas tank and I was outraged that gas prices have continued to increase, costing me over $100 to fill up!

As the cost of living continues to rise, people are looking for ways to make MORE money. Be sure to share the SeneGence Independent Distributor career opportunity with everyone, as there is unlimited earning potential!

For more information about SeneGence’s generous compensation plan, please visit


There’s No Place Like Home!

Home, to me is in two places; one where I sleep, garden, cook and play with the boys (Ben, Alan, William and Looper) at my house in Irvine – the other where I create, socialize, stir things up, and brainstorm with the “SeneGized” people at SeneGence.

No matter where I’m at, I always try to give my undivided attention to the people I’m with whether it’s my family or the staff at SeneGence, where we are always  striving to improve upon  our already outstanding network marketing career opportunity, anti-aging skincare and one-of-a-kind long lasting cosmetics.

Ah … to appreciate the moments that make every single day a joy to live, work, and play with those you love make home coming all the more sweeter. Now my pleasure is to get caught up with my girlfriends at lunches during the next few weeks and help Alan move into his college apartment (Note to self: make sure he has plenty of SeneDerm Skin Care, Lotions, and hair products). Oh, goodie – another decorating project!