William’s Adventures

Before we left to the UK and South Africa to support the launch of LipSense long-lasting lip color in this part of the world, I was stressed out about leaving our son William for so long (over two weeks).

Three things we’ve done to help eliminate the stress and worry are 1.) having the Nanny and close family take William on daily outings,  2.) sending daily gifts to William in the mailbox and 3.) daily morning Skype calls, all of which have helped both him and us get through the separation. Ashton is a wonderful caretaker and has kept him quite content! Here are some photos of William’s daily outings. Oh to be young again.

 Disneyland with big brother Alan:

Miniature Golf:

At the beach with Cousin Jim:

 At the Angels Game

The great thing about a SeneGence career is being able to work your business around your life. While we were away, Nanny Ashton even found the time to hold a Glamour Demo at the house where she showcased the SeneGence line of long-lasting cosmetics and anti-aging skincare to some of her friends. Needless to say she’s been busy and will need a vacation from ours!

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