I’ve been working on the Railroad

Ben took a photo of me working on the train headed towards the place where we begin the first UK Distributor Training. A very exciting time! So happy to be sharing LipSense long lasting liquid lip color with this part of the world. Now women here will have an alternative to traditional wax lipstick and other lip stains that rub off after only a few hours.

If you’re interested in SeneGence business opportunites abroad, please email us at InternationalInquiries@senegence.com.

One thought on “I’ve been working on the Railroad

  1. HI Joni, Just watched the glamour training with Tonette. what fun! Lots of good information on putting makeup on women of color! We had a good distributor training the other night at my house, about 3 new distributors which give us new energy( and lots of questions!) Years ago I was in the UK in May, and the daffodils were glorious. I hope you get to see some great sights, and I know they will be excited about the opportunity you are giving them! Try to get some naps to get over the jet lag! Cathy

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