London Town

Ben and I headed back to London from South Africa so we could catch our return flight home but not before experiencing some of England’s renowned traditions including a full English tea and visiting the Buckingham Palace, the primary residence of the British Monarch.

Here is us having fun in London Town:

Ben and I celebrating LipSense going global over tea at the Lanesborough


Outside of beautiful Buckingham Palace

LipSense Kisses

Waiting in Grosvenor House Lobby for driver to airport. 13 hour flight with plenty of projects to complete while on board. Excited to see my boys.

London was so lovely and I truly enjoyed the experience of English Tea. I’m planning to incorporate  some of the traditions into the monthly SeneGence Opportuni-Tea Parties that I host where I invite prospective new Distributors to my home to learn about our long-lasting cosmetics, anti-aging skincare and network marketing career that really works!

The next Opportuni-Tea I’m hosting is Saturday June 18th from 2:00 – 4:00 pm. If you’ll be in the Orange County, CA, area and are interested in attending  or if you’d like to find out future dates for Opportuni-Tea parties, please email .

Cradle of Humankind, South Africa

While in South Africa we visited the Cradle of Humankind, a World Heritage Site, where a large number of (and some of the oldest) hominoid and homo sapien fossils were found some 2 – 3 million years ago. 


We also saw the replica partial skeleton of “Lucy”  an early pre-cursor to homo sapien, Lucy was an Australopithecus Afarensis that is believed to have lived 3.2 million years ago.

 It was a great experience that we’d love to share with others. We would love to revisit this part of the world on a LIPS (incentive) trip with qualifying SeneGence Distributors someday!

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William’s Adventures

Before we left to the UK and South Africa to support the launch of LipSense long-lasting lip color in this part of the world, I was stressed out about leaving our son William for so long (over two weeks).

Three things we’ve done to help eliminate the stress and worry are 1.) having the Nanny and close family take William on daily outings,  2.) sending daily gifts to William in the mailbox and 3.) daily morning Skype calls, all of which have helped both him and us get through the separation. Ashton is a wonderful caretaker and has kept him quite content! Here are some photos of William’s daily outings. Oh to be young again.

 Disneyland with big brother Alan:

Miniature Golf:

At the beach with Cousin Jim:

 At the Angels Game

The great thing about a SeneGence career is being able to work your business around your life. While we were away, Nanny Ashton even found the time to hold a Glamour Demo at the house where she showcased the SeneGence line of long-lasting cosmetics and anti-aging skincare to some of her friends. Needless to say she’s been busy and will need a vacation from ours!

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South African Orphanage

It’s truly better to give than to receive. Ben and I were happy and humbled to visit a South African orphanage and spend the day painting and gardening.

Here is the before picture of the school’s classroom:


Finishing hand prints on school wall

We also provided the children from the orphanage with 150 pairs of shoes, school supplies, books and blankets. I can’t wait to take stories of this amazing adventure back to the States with me. It’s given me great ideas for new charity projects where our independent Distributors and the SeneGence Make Sense Foundation can join forces to do some good in our neighborhood!


Safaris and Sharks in South Africa

 We’re having a great time exploring South Africa! Here are some pictures from our journey thus far.  We went on an African Safari to observe the incredible wildlife. My LipSense long-lasting lip color and SenseCosmetics held up throughout my adventure and the heat, of course! Here I am with a Lion cub:

Here is Ben inside of a shark’s mouth at a museum in Cape Town.

Lions and sharks, oh my!

Have you ever been on a safari? If so I would love to hear what wildlife you saw. Please comment below.

I’ve been working on the Railroad

Ben took a photo of me working on the train headed towards the place where we begin the first UK Distributor Training. A very exciting time! So happy to be sharing LipSense long lasting liquid lip color with this part of the world. Now women here will have an alternative to traditional wax lipstick and other lip stains that rub off after only a few hours.

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Greetings from the UK

Ben and I are currently in the UK to help support the launch of LipSense long lasting liquid lip color there. After a quick over-night eleven hour flight to UK, Ben and I check into a gracious hotel, The Grosvenor, but did not want to sleep as we needed to adjust our ‘internal clocks.’ So….What does a girl do with a couple of hours? Take a walk through Hyde Park across the street … and shop, of course!

SeneDerm Solutions Skin Lightener Gets Rave Reviews

Virtually every day I get a call, text, or e-mail regarding our newest super star product SeneDerm Solutions Skin Lightener.  I will guarantee, Ladies, this is the BEST Lightener on the market! All can use to not only lighten discoloration and hyper-pigmentation, but also to make complexion coloring more beautiful and translucid. Add it to your daily skincare regimen. It takes ten seconds to apply before Day or Evening Moisturizer.  You’ll be glad you did!  








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SeneGence SeneStar Trip to San Diego

The best part of the trip for me (other than the fun private tours and VIP treatment everywhere we went) was our morning ritual breakfast gatherings …  It seemed natural as the men were making the final arrangements for the day ahead, we ladies lingered at the table in a luxurious café over our morning coffee and juice while talking, laughing, and creating new ideas together. And sometimes we simply sat in silence while we had fun challenging one another with games on our iPhones. Today, we are still playing the same games across the miles and smiles … fun, just fun!

 I might have to say one of my other favorite moments was when we were at that San Diego Wild Animal Park and we were taken into the back of the cage of two gorgeous tigers and sang to them as they also enjoy entertainment (explained to us by their keeper). It was magical! It made it even more so as we harmonized with our amazing SeneSister and Opera Star Karole Lewis to “Amazing Grace.” All were transfixed, a real moment to remember.

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SeneGence Annual Seminar “Solutions”

I had the best time hosting Seminar this year. It’s always heart warming to have ‘my girls’ together under one roof to share in the celebration of our collective achievements for the past year. And, to reflect and give thanks for the opportunities that still lie ahead.

 How wonderful you are ladies … I hope you know you are dear to me and I love you all very much.  I want nothing but the best life, and all the world has to offer for you and your loved ones. We shall do it together … William has  already learned to enjoy the fruits of our labor!

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