My Men

So…..I awoke this morning upon feeling a gentle paw nudge on my arm from Looper, the Labradoodle, who was looking at me forlorn-ingly (don’t think that’s a word – but fits this situation perfectly) as he misses his brother William who has been gone from the roost for more than a week.

Looper - "Where is my Brother?"

Bye-the-way….NO, I did not experiment with LashExtend on his eyelashes as some have suggested.

As I begin to focus in on my action steps for the day my hearing adjusts to the sound of my phone text messages. There are many coming in, one after another. First; news of a dear friends son, Ben, who has been in the hospital in a coma after an ancident but is recovering nicely  as of this morning.

On the Way Home

Second; picture of my little one asleep in the car traveling with Daddy (Ben) to the Atlanta airport to board a flight home. Third; a text from Alan returning from his weekend in New York City asking for a ‘pick up’ in Long Beach tonight.

I’ll work at SeneGence today and make headway on projects. All of my men will be home tonight. Looper and I will be very happy. All is right with the Kante world on Sunset.

One thought on “My Men

  1. Joni,
    I am in love with the waterproof mascara!! It is the ONLY mascara I have ever tried that is waterproof. I do triathlons, and I’m blonde. All I want is to look like I have a little color when I am done with an event. I connected with Leah Ball, and she sent me some mascara. I love the stuff and I really think you should think about marketing your products to triathletes. We really do look for products that stay on and yours truly does stay on!!

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