My Men

So…..I awoke this morning upon feeling a gentle paw nudge on my arm from Looper, the Labradoodle, who was looking at me forlorn-ingly (don’t think that’s a word – but fits this situation perfectly) as he misses his brother William who has been gone from the roost for more than a week.

Looper - "Where is my Brother?"

Bye-the-way….NO, I did not experiment with LashExtend on his eyelashes as some have suggested.

As I begin to focus in on my action steps for the day my hearing adjusts to the sound of my phone text messages. There are many coming in, one after another. First; news of a dear friends son, Ben, who has been in the hospital in a coma after an ancident but is recovering nicely  as of this morning.

On the Way Home

Second; picture of my little one asleep in the car traveling with Daddy (Ben) to the Atlanta airport to board a flight home. Third; a text from Alan returning from his weekend in New York City asking for a ‘pick up’ in Long Beach tonight.

I’ll work at SeneGence today and make headway on projects. All of my men will be home tonight. Looper and I will be very happy. All is right with the Kante world on Sunset.

Catching Up in March

March has been a busy month for the entire extended family of SeneGence. On the top of the list of things to get done was the “Most Influential” weekend at my house painting

Far left: Tonette, Leta, Jeri Sheila, Cathy, and Kelly creating works of art.

GORGEOUS works of art with top Distributors to gift to brunch attendees during our up coming Seminar; Ben and I held meetings with representatives of South American countries; Tonette and I conducted Glam N Glosses in Temecula, Arizona, & Florida; and last night I arrived home late after walking on fire (literally) with Pamela, Amber, and Cathy during an event in Florida.

Cathy, Amber, a friend, and Pamela Rinsing Feet after Walking on Fire

Ben was cavalier and took William on a couple of trips alone this month so I could have a little quiet time to work on projects I need to wrap up with Kirsten, Michelle, the IT department, and Carmen in preparation for launch at Seminar (Stay tuned). One of their trips was an overnighter to Vegas to swim in the pool at Treasure Island (fantastic pool…. I use to let Alan and his cousin swim there while at tradeshows years ago) and another trip to the farm in Alabama for eight days.

Bass Fishing with Dad. William's first experience with 'the circle of life'. They ate their catch for dinner.
Frog Hunting
Guy Lessons

Ahhhh…to be a child surrounded with adoring family and nonstop activities. Remember the days?

So….I am the only one at home (Well, Lucy is there taking care of me). Alan flew to New York with a friend to watch the Broadway Opening of the new Robin Williams play.  I have no idea what it is. He texted and said fashion designer Marc Jacobs is seated right in front of him wearing a skirt. That’s right; a skirt. Hmmmm…..Interesting fashion statement.

This week? Fun stuff….Asia/Pacific Meetings and more Seminar preparations. Family members begin to return home late tomorrow evening so I better use my work time wisely.

 Hope you have a productive and prosperous week too. Enjoy the pictures. Love’ya!

Orchids & LA

Ben in Plaza Kitchen

Last weekend on ‘Mommy Day’ William and I repotted each and every orchid that had been stored outside on the plant stand. Ben gifted to me a green house for my birthday to use for the orchids….We placed it on a sunny side of the house so the orchids would be warmer; it’s an experiment. Any advice from orchid lovers?

 Anyway….the really great news is that I did not break a single finger nail repotting dozens of orchids. NailExtend is a fantastic product!

The picture you see her featuring Ben is to show you the kitchens in the rooms at the Beverly Hills Plaza (Ben surprised me). We stayed there a few nights while attending conferences and meetings for the countries of South America. I had a kitchen very nearly the same size without the window in the first apartment I lived in on my own in Ventura when I turned eighteen. In fact, I’m pretty sure the entire suite was larger than my first apartment.