Hair Cut and iPhone App

Readying myself for the trip to Utah and Las Vegas this past weekend I had my hair attended to…. we added red low lights (advised by Jeri for texture) and what was to be a trim.  Well, she cut three inches off the bottom…and I had to stand up so she could cut! That’s how long my hair is! This hair growth product is wonderful….We haven’t yet launched it as we are just working on how to make it more affordable to all.

So the next day I leave for the airport. Ben sent my boarding pass to my iPhone. Located at security is a machine you simply swipe the iPhone across while the boarding pass application is displayed and Wha-La! You are checked through.  How easy is that?!? I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!!

Bye-the-way – both events were fun and productive. Leta, along with Nicole and Cassey and Jeri , along with Cathy and Amber, both have great teams building in their home towns!

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