Our Travels to the Middle East

 Our TR Mentoring Group to us to a place in the world where we took a closer look at Conflict Resolutions …where else better than the Middle East?

Israel… We began the day with prayers and visited the Wailing Wall…. Apparently four great religions were born here in an area that seems to be as small as a square mile or so:

Islam, Judaism; Christianity; and Muslim (?) Each with their own section of the small city.

Ben and Joni at The Wailing Wall

The entire trip was amazing.  I will recap all that we learned for you at Seminar this coming year.  Here are a few more highlights:

Kneeling in the Tomb of Jesus Christ
Joni and Ben Touring Egyptian Palace
Ben and Joni on the Way to a Bedouin Dinner held in a Tent at the Base of the Great Giza Pyramids… Interesting mode of transportation!
Everywhere we travel…everyone and everything wants LipSense!
Amazing Pyramids by Day with Ben and Joni

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