There’s much for which to be thankful….

Parent Table During Thanksgiving Dinner

We arrived into Orange County at 12:30 pm on Thanksgiving Day. Dinner for 20 was to be served at 3:00 pm. Lucy prepared a delicious Chilean Thanksgiving feast with the help of sister, Millie and Nanny, Ashton.  Everyone delighted in the meal and the company.  Fun was had by all.

I have much to report regarding our Egypt Trip and will do so this coming week. It was a trip-of-a-life-time! We were home a few days for Thanksgiving then left to Palm Springs for another conference that lasted a week. At least William got to come with us this time.

We’ve been home and in the office this past week (5 days). I’ve just now caught up on urgent projects and took some time for a much need manicure and pedicure. I thought of a good idea for cold weather skin:

Pour ¼ cup of SeneDerm Unscented Body Lotion with SenePlex Complex into a gallon Ziploc baggie along with 1/4 cup of warm (nuke it) Olive Oil, Almond Oil, or even Vegetable; make one for each hand and foot. In steamy shower insert one foot into each bag and cinch it at ankle with rubber band (not too tight); then hands. Enjoy a ten minute steam shower re-moisturizing and softening dry damaged skin on hands and feet.  You’ll feel like a new woman! Let me know how you like it! J

Now? I am on my way home to spend an evening with Ben and William….snuggling as it is cold and rainy out tonight. Alan is spending the weekend skiing with friends in Tahoe. The small amount of personal gift shopping we do…well, Ben and I did it last night during date night before seeing a movie.

 Have a great weekend, ladies!

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