To Whom Are You Beholden?

These past couple of weeks have been packed with new product development, launch demo for Eva S., Sene-U, wowing with Kelly R.(the make up artist from Temecula) and Karrie N., the Plant Princess, daily mentoring calls, international expansion issues, editing the book, final edits to the demo DVD, PIT Stop and Seminar Meetings…..and, you know….daily business things that make each and everyday different and exciting. I hope your days are full and fun, too.

 So…who am I ‘beholden to’ on a daily basis to ensure we are moving forward as a company and prospering individually? Answer; You Distributors who are in the field making the sales and sponsoring possible, SeneGence Employees who each contribute to our progression in varied ways, editors both film and print who help to tell our stories, third party consultants who help move expansion projects forward, and even care takers who help keep me at my energetic best.

Ben and I are off to Israel and Egypt tomorrow morning for two weeks of business and pleasure…..between appopintments we’ve planned to tour old Jerusalem, gaze upon the miracle of the Great Pyramids, camel ride, and dive the Red Sea (a dream of ours for 10 years). I promised Kirsten I’d take pictures of LipSense at each location….stay tuned.

 Every day counts and should be spent growing, developing, and prospering at work and at home.  I plan to maintain my mentoring call schedule while abroad. (I love that technology makes travel possible while working!) I hope your days are full of those to whom you are beholden and that you too are moving forward everyday living your dream.

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