Leaders Conference 2010

Leaders Conference – We had a fantastic event here at the SeneGence International headquarters the weekend of October 8th through the 10th. It’ll probably be our last Leaders Conference held in the building as the training area space was maxed to the limit. Here are just a few pictures from a jam-packed powerful event:

Many topics were discussed and plans put in place for collective Field Leader Distributor hosted trainings for first Quarter 2011.(Preview of the much anticipated new Glamour DVD.)

A quick break for what else? A Balloon ride! 400 Feet high in Orange County Balloon.

Lunch from Gourmet Lunch Truck after Balloon ride enjoyed by all.


The next days luncheon activity involved team work and a scavenger Duffy ride around the harbor.

After the noon general session we broke for a delightful meal at the Kante Residence



Then gathered for Leaders Awards and a cheer for celebration of another great Leaders Year!

We heard from successful Field Leaders…and a lot about good business practices.  To learn more…well, you’ll just have to qualify to attend next years Leaders Conference!  Go on line to register now!

One thought on “Leaders Conference 2010

  1. What a great time! I learned so much too and am so grateful for the friendships, the opportunities and the gracious generosity of the Kante’s… it doesn’t get much better than this! Love and hugs, kelly

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