Party at the House with the Help of Some Friends

Dinner for 80 with a View
Plant Princess Karrie Placing Florals
Son Alan (far left) and Lime Boys

Funny story….. Ben and I planned a dinner party of about 30 for a group of our friends and colleagues last Tuesday. The day before the party, Ben discovered he and the group of guest had the rare opportunity to spend the day with a group of Navy Seals stationed in San Diego (about an hours drive) riding in their high powered boats, engaging in maneuvers, machinery, guns…you know, the whole ‘guy thing’. Who could pass that up (me)? So what does Ben do? He invites the Navy Seals to the party! That’s right! The party morphed from 30 to about 80 with less than 24 hours to prepare! So while he jaunted down to the base down south to enjoy himself romping around with the Navy’s elite the caterers, cooks, and party rental people organized to deliver a fun and luxurious experience for the entire group. I have to hand it to the caterers, owner and cook of ‘Lime’ Gourmet Cooking as they canceled their usual day of cooking to spend the entire day shopping, cooking, and preparing delicious, nutritious, and healthy dishes – over a dozen of them – that was delightfully enjoyed by all. It looked gorgeous as Karrie Nelson, gal pal, plant princess, and now SeneGence Distributor arranged table center pieces for the rounds and for each of the food service areas. The ‘Lime boys’ (all 10 year plus friends of Alan’s) pulled together to delivered excellent service passing amazing home made h’ordeuvres and unique drinks that tickled the tongue. All-in-all it was a great party, fun had by all….and a extra special treat to have the chance to, at least in some small way, show our appreciation to the men and women of our US Forces by hosting the San Diego Navy Seals in our home. I just love team work

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