Catching Up

Hello Ladies – You haven’t heard from me simply because we have been busy here at the office tying together our SeneGence Blog, SeneGence by Joni, SeneGence Facebook, Twitter, and Texting programs. Honestly, I’ve been afraid to touch it in fear I would mess something up. Today though….things seem to me to be in alignment and I will forge ahead using this new format.

A Look at 2011
So – what’s been happening? A lot! Following Labor Day weekend Ben and I left for a lovely Hotel in Laguna, Surf & Sand (our room hung over the beach with a full back wall of sliding glass doors and a balcony overlooking the ocean. Just gorgeous.) to concentrate on plans for 2011 and beyond. It took three days but once completed we had a detailed plan in place including daily schedules that included
o Exercise & Diet.
o Time with each Family Member including Date Nights and Family Dinners; weekend activities including church and playdates.
o Work Schedule including the actual work, planning & meeting time, education time, and time slots for daily progress in many areas like international expansion, Jerni, and The MakeSense Foundation.
o 2011 SeneGence Distributor Training Schedule including Online & all corporate events.
o Travel – both personal and company trips….Goodie!

When we returned to work the following week I handed the schedule to Marketing. You will soon see 2011 dates posted to your back office so that you can properly plan your year for success.

I sincerely hope each of you take the time to steal away some time with you and your loved one to plan to achieve together in 2011.

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