A quick compilation of August.. and a little bit of July

Mon 8/30

Ben and I have spent the last week here at a hotel in San Diego detoxing our bodies and upgrading our nutritional habits. We realize we need to be in optimal health and increase vital energy to be most productive and to remain loving parents to our little one….who, by-the-way spent the week with us here also.

So, last week we enjoyed (really) a liquid fast…turns out that if your body as REAL nutrition from organically grown plants …the need for your body to ingest today’s processed and ‘empty foods’ due to the sensation of being hungry disappears completely. It’s true. We’ve eaten organically for a couple of years but now understand how to do it better…and to loose weight too. It’s simple if you first ‘prepare to win”. Meaning – set up home and office so that you can ingest proper nutrition throughout the day instead of grabbing something ‘fast’ to eat.

Of course…..I had plenty of Beauty books with me and virtually every woman I spoke with during the week asked for my card or catalogue after showing what I did…. I am sure at least two women will become distributors; one from New York and one from Canada. I’ll follow up and keep you informed. Isn’t great that in SeneGence we can do our lives and still build a business?

Thu 8/26

Today’s Activity … Realize that anything can be done when putting ones mind into it!

Mon 8/21

Ben and I had a unique experience gathering in Figi with a handful of other business owners from around the world. We attended an Anthony Robbins business conference and met with various outstanding individuals during meetings held throughout our ten day stay. Together we learned loads from highly successful business men like financial guru Keith Cunningham, social media by Joel Comm, superior marketing methods from Chet Holmes, and negotiating skills from Jeff Cockran of Shapiro Negotiations and made new friends all at the same time. The schedule was rigorous! Each days training began at 10:00 am and sometimes training topics and the trainers would speak up through 1:00 am! …There is so much to learn and a fantastic group of associates in which to learn from (and in turn teach to one another)….. We decided we could sleep when we returned home (right!)

Besides making time for a midnight diving excursion here are a few pictures depicting our adventures:

Ben and Joni enjoying the island with Tony acting as our guide. Breathtakingly Gorgeous! The SeneDerm Oilfree Adult SPF 30 worked beautifully to prevent sunburn during the tour.

Tony and me (Joni) treading water in the lake after floating down a river in complete darkness around midnight one evening. Tony jokes about his big teeth. I think they are lovely. Note that my makeup is still intact!

It’s a good thing I took a pack of SeneGence Beauty Book as we handed out every last one of them. The women attendees loved the concept of our product line…..and could see for themselves it stayed on all day! Lesson? Always take Beauty Book with you!

If you are planning a trip to Figi…. I highly recommend a stay at the lovely indigenous Namale Resort.

William has been glued to my hip since I walked into the front door upon my return…. I missed him, too!

Thurs 7/29

We returned home from Hawaii late last night. Oh, my goodness! The Waikaloa Village was absolutely gorgeous! Fantastic service and delicious meals together… Here are a few pictures:

SeneStars CP Sheila Young; Joni; Royal Karole Lewis; Lady Pamela Bennett; Royal Kaylen Young.

We met for a brief SeneGence meeting while enjoying brunch in a Japanese Tea Hut. Notice the amazing Coy Fish in the pond.

No trip to Hawaii is complete without a dive trip and snorkeling. Pictured here is Lady Pam B and husband Lord Jim….with my big SeneLips seen in the top cut out.

Sun 8/08

today was Williams 3 year birthday party….It was truly fun! Family Flew in from Alabama and drove in from Arizona which made it all the more a special celebration. About 25 kids and their parents wandered around the back yard making their way from one craft table to another making….robots of all kinds. Painting robots; constructing plastic robots; coloring door handle robots…if you can name it….it was a robot (except the Beauty Book and LipSense Collection I put in goodie bags for the Mommies).

Dad Ben, 3 year old William and Mom, Joni

Here’s what else but a Robot Cake!

Ben and I are on our way to Figi this evening for a Business Conference and a few meetings with others. While gone, William will be well entertained by Grandmas, Aunties, and Uncles who came in for his party and who will stay at the house until our return.

I’ll write again and let you know what happened on the island (Okay….some of it anyway… ? ) upon our return. Love You All!

Sat 8/07

OM Goodness! Sene-U was soooo fun and educational! We had a room full of newbie SeneGence Distributors who attended class here at the Irvine location with dozens and dozens attending in remote locations via Skype. Classes were broadcasted to groups of SeneGence Distributors into the living rooms of Leader Distributors in Utah with Maiden Leta Green; Arizona with Distributor Barbara Foudrae; Washington with Royal Katie Sevenants: and Florida with Lady Pamela Bennett. They were a wonderful class and all made the event very rewarding. It felt like we were all in the same room as we could interact and ask and answer questions through out the entire two day event.

Wed 8/04

I spent the day trying to make additional edits to “SeneGence Book” along with Joe the Ghostwriter. I think we will sequester ourselves to the SeneBus for a period of time to chunk through this to completion. I want to launch it at Leaders Conference.

Tues 8/03

I was p with William ‘till 4:00 am …. He just had to have his mama sleep with him. Perhaps we should not have watched “Caroline’ before bedtime….It was a little dark. I’ll perk up in time for the Webinar scheduled for this evening…which always makes me happy because I get to speak with SeneGence Distributors seasoned and new. ?

Mon 8/02

SeneGence launched NaiExtend Nail Lengthener and Strengthener and NailSense French White & French Pink today. Yay! I know hundreds of women who have been looking for a healthy alternative to growing their nails. It is finally here!

This evening William and I spent our evening together making 16 quiches for this coming Sene-U. The plan is to make them then freeze them so that we can send them frozen overnight to the Sene-U Leaders Hostesses. Of course, I’ll keep a couple for the family and a few for the Irvine Sene-U attendees. Everyone, no matter the location will enjoy fresh quiche for breakfast Saturday morning. It was fun making them and fun selecting the cooking dishes to ship them in.

Fri 7/30

We met with delegates from Singapore and Thailand from the US Commerce Department regarding expansion issues… very interesting. From there we headed to Long Beach to attend a conference with Anthony Robbins. Anthony has developed a killer business seminar that is getting rave reviews…. Ben and I are going to check it out. School is NEVER out for a pro! ?

Thurs 7/22

Karrie’s N.’s Launch Demo was very fun. I love meeting new friends. She had several hundred in product sales and we signed up one Newbie SeneGence Distributor I know you will all come to love! Her name is Kim. Later today….Wow-ing with Kellie R. and later tonight the plan is to pack for Hawaii SeneStar trip. Hmmm…what to wear?

Wed 7/21

Okay….I did look better rested for today’s filming. It was a wrap…I think we captured all that we needed to complete the DVD. Editing will determine that….

Tonight is Karrie’s N.’s Launch Demo. I’ll report results tomorrow.

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